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At our establishment, we proudly extend a comprehensive array of payment solutions, including a wide spectrum of credit and debit card options. Our offerings encompass an extensive range, from pay-as-you-go cards to our proprietary cards designed for everyday transactions.

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Creative Lights

AVS Banking prioritizes individuals like yourself, focusing on the people. Our innovative system is designed to provide a minimum monthly income equivalent to $2000 to households globally. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we will efficiently allocate these funds across the world, thereby emerging as one of the largest employers on a global scale.

Customer Service

Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures a human touch in all interactions. We are dedicated to eliminating the frustrations of dealing with artificial intelligence bots or chatbots that often lead to prolonged response times and a sense of isolation. You can rely on our genuine human support to provide prompt assistance and a more personalized experience.

Living in the future now

Our long-term vision revolves around establishing a global banking system that facilitates trade with a single currency, free from government interference. We refer to this as “People Money.” In essence, envision a world where nations, investors, governments, citizens, and companies all contribute taxes to a centralized entity. This entity then employs advanced AI technology to equitably distribute these funds to households in need, ultimately eradicating poverty on a global scale.


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